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Here you will find out what is going on behind BOX FURNITURE products.

Free Return Of Parts

Free pieces recovery service.




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You have the right to use our furniture for your whole life.

Yes! They are very robust furniture, made from wood and steel, avoiding the abuse of natural materials. With minimal care they might be able to, even, be given to a second generation.

Say no to planned obsolescence.

We are against anything that shortens the life of a product. We consider intentionally shortening the life of a product to be a fraud aimed at increasing sales. We manufacture furniture to last a lifetime.

Fabricamos muebles para que duren toda la vida.

You have the option of acquiring pieces for transforming or repairing our furniture.

If at some point there is an accident with your BOX FURNITURE and a piece breaks or you simply want to change what you use it for or its appearance, we have pieces for different furniture item models that will allow you to make new combinations and grow your family of products!

You have the right to repair manuals.

Our furniture is very easy to repair, follow our how-to videos and you will have your furniture that looks brand new when you are done!

You have the right to repair it yourself, if you want.

If you are really handy, you might be able to modify your furniture with your eyes closed. But if you're not, don't worry, with our blog videos, instructions and explanations you can do it with ease.

If you move and if the existing measurements don’t work for you, you can change them.

Changing up your furniture at home is not a problem, and if you need furniture with different measurements, you can adapt whatever you have to the space you have in your home. We have all the spare parts you need.

If you get tired of it, you can transform it into something else.

If you are moving and you want to swap out your BOX FURNITURE shelf for a frame, don’t throw out the shelf! You can easily make it into a different item easily by just swapping out a piece or two.

If you still want to dispose of it, don’t throw it out. We will collect it from your house for free.

Also, when you re-use or re-cycle an item you generate zero waste.

You have the right to furniture that will be truly sustainable.

Empezando con nuestro compromiso medioambiental usando sólo madera gestionada bajo los estándares FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) y PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) lo que garantiza que entregamos un producto que ha cumplido con rigurosos requisitos medioambientales, sociales y económicos.

We continue to honour or committment with a transformation process that uses energy in a limited way, and working with natural light during the greater part of the work day, along with the re-use of surplus elements, and ending with the recovery of furniture for free when you no longer want it. This is the circular economy.


You have the right to know how the furniture you make is made.

This is how you know that our products are really sustainable, and how we can assure you that you are engaging in ethical and responsible consumption.



At Box Furniture we design pieces that can have multiple uses, which optimizes all of our production process, packaging, and manufacturing costs. For example, a structure of 40 x 45 cm is used for fabrication of a bedside table, benches, television tables, and shelves. In this way, a piece may be used for different products. Using different bar lengths, we completed a wide range of furniture, since with 40, 50, 70, 80, 100, 120, 140. and 180 cm, we have created a complete family of furniture in multiple sizes. Under this concept there are many models and sizes that we can offer, occupying a very small space. For you it is a very interesting offer, since you can change your furniture at any time, and get pieces with new measurements.

In Box Furniture, we work so that your products generate the lowest carbon footprint possible. Our furniture is designed to be very long-lasting, repairable, transformable, re-usable, and of course recyclable. Our furniture will last you a lifetime.

Raw materials that last a long time, sustainable and recyclable.

We usually use stripped solid pine wood of the highest quality. The panels that we use allow us to optimize piece cutting to the greatest degree possible, and whenever we can we purchase wood cut to measures, in such a way so that the manufacturer can also optimize their product in the manufacturing process. We will explain it to you even better: the stripped wood was manufactured from 4 centimeter strips joined with glue. The longer the piece is (standard panel measurements are 245 cm) the more defects are found in the wood. For example: if a strip has a knot at 200cm of its length, the said strip will have to be discarded, or used to craft lower quality panels. If we allow the manufacturer to make smaller measurements, they will use these pieces to make us panels that, for example, 180 cm, to manufacture smaller measures for us. In this way the manufacturer takes better advantage of the material, less trees are cut down to produce panels and there is less waste. Also, in our case, when the panel arrives at our factor, if it is cut to measure our waste is very low, hardly 2%, when normally it would be 10%. Pine wood has other important advantages: it can be produced everywhere and is not a scarce wood. For us, solid wood can be repaired very easily (even by yourself if necessary). In the end, if a panel has a scratch, the only thing you have to do is sand the surface and paint it again. The furniture that we buy, that is not made out of solid wood, usually has an exterior layer of melamine and an interior core of fiberboard. These panels have the advantage of not having to be lacquered by the furniture manufacturer, but when they are cut they must be “edged” with melamine or other materials on their edges. This process is executed with specific machine and the hands of a specialized since it is not as simple as manipulation with the other solid wood. The regular thing for a client to do is get rid of the furniture and buy something else, generating unnecessary wastes, economic costs, and energy. A wooden piece of furniture might be repaired and painted infinite times since it is only necessary to sand and dye its surface. In our case, we use special ecological dye of high quality, which is based on linseed oil, which makes it very easy for any person, who is not an expert, to apply, in order to make a natural base which does not offgass vapors or any other type of toxicity.

For some products we use laminate panels that are manufactured from fine sheets of solid wood that are stuck together, forming layers. This product continues to be wood, but in stead of fabricating the panel from thick and narrow slats, it is made with fine sheets. We do not use melamine or edging and as a result these types of furniture can also be repaired easily.

We use steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm and steel boards with 1.5 mm of thickness. These thicknesses are not regular for the fabrication of furniture, and are much more expensive than the regular thickness, but our objective is to provide you with the best long-lastingness and durability. We want our furniture to last a “lifetime.”

Imagine! Nowadays, there are machines that work like they were a printer where you can make a sketch and the machine makes a cut for you or the tooling that you have prepared. Our company makes use of this technology as much as possible, which allows us to be flexible and to continue learning from our errors and improving design day by day. Also, it is a technology that has a very high level of efficient use in terms of raw material. On a board or panel you can make any shape or sketch and optimize the panel, reducing waste.

Working locally
For us, working locally is a rule. We think that moving pieces many kilometers is not good for the environment since it consumes fuel and generates greenhouse gasses. For this reason we have selected providers that are as near as possible to our factory, so that we can transport pieces on shorter routes. Also, this benefits the local business environment and we generate income for our community. One example of this, is that our laser cutter is located 400 meters away from our facilities. And our paint provider, where we paint all of our metal pieces, is 500 meters away. Another interesting example, so that we can appreciate the journey of a piece before it arrives at your house. The raw materials, in this case a bar of metal, arrives at our laser cutter provider from a local manufacturer. They turn the steel bars into cut pieces according to our technical designs, which are later transported from their factor about 400 meters to our warehouse, where they are welded, places in boxes, and transported once again to the paint provider that is 500 meters away. Imagine that instead of the providers being at such a short distance away, they were 400 kilometers away and the same pieces would have to be transported by this distance in a habitual and constant way.